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A Fluffy Warm Welcome...

Hello and welcome to the Forest Edge Valais Blacknose Sheep name is Polly, wife to Stuart and mum to our three children (Not so young adults!!) Harry, Jasmine and Rosie.   Along with our dog Betty, a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, we live in a cottage on the edge of the New Forest National Park.   Having lived in the New Forest all our lives the outdoors, animals and nature have always been very important to us all.  A few years ago I stumbled across a picture of some sheep,  I remember thinking "I need them in my life!"  Well, in May 2017 that dream became reality and our journey into the unknown began.  

If you have got as far as finding our website you probably know a bit about this docile, lovable breed already!  The Valais Blacknose originated in the mountains in the Valais region of Switzerland, it is believed they date back to the 15th century although it wasn't until 1962 that they were recognised as their own breed. They were first imported into the UK in 2014.  Since then the breed has grown in numbers and now many small flocks can be found across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, ours being one of them.  Once seen they are never forgotten, unmistakeable with their twisting horns, Roman nose, long white curly fleece, black face and ears and black patches to their knees, hocks and feet, they really do live up to the name of the worlds cutest sheep!

As a family it is our belief and wish to breed quality lambs as naturally as possible, no AI, no embryo transfer, just a Valais ewe, a ram and the inevitable lamb or 2 as a result.  We feel that the loving, docile nature of these beautiful animals is paramount and want this to be reflected in our future stock and believe a Valais lamb reared by a Valais ewe in the company of other Valais is the way forward for us!


We will at times have lambs for sale and welcome your enquiries. 


Many thanks for taking the time to visit our website, we hope you will enjoy following our blog. We can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

 Proud to be a member and on the council of the  Valais Blacknose Society. 

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