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2020 lambing part 1!

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Well, never did we think we would see ourselves in this dreadful situation with the Covid-19 causing lockdowns all around the world! Such a terribly sad, difficult, life changing and frightening time for us all.

Life with animals go on, the same daily routines needed and thank goodness they do! these gorgeous sheep bring brightness and a smile to my face everyday. As the end of May drew closer the tummies of Maggie and Margret grew larger and finally on the morning of 28th May Maggie showed signs of labour and by 11.30am she had produced a strong, well marked ram lamb. within a few minutes he was up and looking to feed, a good job too because Maggie is a great mum but she doesn't like her lambs to rest in their first few days and is constantly pawing at them to get up and feed. luckily being as strong as he was Horace (named as he was born the same day as Boris Johnsons baby) was keen to oblige, they settled well and you could see Horace grow literally as you watched him.

The next 2 days passed and Horace was doing well although his chest was a bit rattly, but with no temperature and feeding well he got over it and was bouncing around his pen.

Friday 1st May seemed a very long day, Margret was showing signs of very early labour during the previous night but was probably more than anything just very uncomfortable as carrying twins, all day Friday she was showing similar signs but not getting on with it until about 20.30hr when things stepped up a pace, Margret likes to do things differently and doesn't do the usual pawing the ground, getting up and down, she stays standing, puts her head up in the air and gives a bit of a push so as a onlooker it makes you wonder if she will ever manage but at 22.10 the first ewe lamb was delivered and 10 minutes later the second ewe lamb arrived as we watched from the comfort of our sofa (and the good advice of our vet) and amazingly by 23.15 they were both up and feeding!

Well thats it for now, Delilah is due a single lamb mid June so watch out for lambing 2020 part 2!

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