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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Hey there! We’re delighted to have launched our new brand and website: Forest Edge Valais Blacknose #CutestSheepInTheWorld this is our story so far!

On May 13th 2017 excited and a bit apprehensive our journey into sheep keeping began, we hired a lorry and drove to Devon to collect our first 3 Valais Blacknose sheep from the Blackertor Stud. Arriving home we let Donald our wether, Delilah his twin sister and Chypre our shearling out into the field...within a couple of days they were eating out of our hands and walking on leads. Five months later in October after purchasing a sheep trailer we were back to Devon to collect Demelza a 4 month old ewe lamb taking our very small flock to 4 Valais. In January we borrowed Darius a 2 year old ram and in September Forest Edge Freddo our first lamb was born to Delilah. Sadly in November Demelza suffered ringwomb and had to have a Caesarean to remove her dead lamb, a terribly upsetting time to us but Demelza is incredibly strong and recovered well.

January 2019 saw us looking to grow our flock of breeding ewes. A trip to Carlisle on a snowy weekend for Stuart and myself and we returned with 3 ewes, Maggie, Margret and Elsa.

We currently (April 2019) have Equinox a very handsome young ram in with the ladies so fingers crossed lambs will soon be on the way...follow our blog to see how things progress here in the New Forest with our beautiful flock of Valais Blacknose Sheep!

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