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Success at Dorchester Show!

The week leading up to the show was a busy one, 3 new lambs and their mums to look after and one dirty rather scruffy looking but adorable boy to get ready for his adventure, his first time of leaving his home since arriving in May 2017.

It was a daunting task but the brambles were removed from his head and the preparation began! Plenty of warm water, a large bottle of fairy liquid, a bottle of persil non bio and a horses main comb!

The dirt washed away and gentle teasing with fingers and the comb got the knots out, looking wet and bedraggled believe it or not Donald was on his way to achieving great things!

The morning of Saturday September 7th arrived and an early start saw us on our way, Donald took everything in his forever calm stride and settled into his pen and surroundings straight away. We meanwhile made our way to the marquee and enjoyed a hearty stockmans breakfast before the competition began.

Its true to say I was more than disappointed on discovering that Donald was the only wether entered into his class, especially as this was probably one of the only classes available to the castrated boys! You guessed it...Donald won, our first red rosette and of course we were very proud of him! It was at that point that the surprises kicked off though, the first one was being called back into the ring and him being made reserve male champion. over the moon and thinking thats him done the next shock happened, again we were called back into the ring to compete for overall breed champion, and to our great surprise and probably everyone else's watching he was presented with overall reserve champion...WOW, what a day!!

Following this Donald had to parade in the 'Grand Parade' on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon before returning to his field with his buddies as a companion to whoever needs one at the home of the Forest Edge Valais Blacknose couldn't ask for a better boy than that!!

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