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Shearing time!

After a really wet winter Spring arrived over night!! The rain seemed to stop, everything dried up and the grass grew. Still hopeful that the later shows would go ahead I arranged for Keith from K.D Shepherding to come and shear my flock. Due to circumstances and social distancing measures I decided to shear the pregnant ewes myself but the rest of them were penned up and ready for the 9am start on 22nd April, perfect timing for a good fleece to grow back for end of August/ September shows.

Although I love to see them all in full fleece it is such a good feeling when they have been shaun to know that you are doing the right thing for the welfare of these animals, after all they aren't here just for us to think they look pretty!..and best of all the go from laying around all day looking hot and bothered to grazing and being active!

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