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The long winter months!

I always forget how long the winter months are, you have to make the most of the shorter daylight hours and enjoy the sun when it shines. Cold wet windy days are too frequent and although the sheep cope well, taking to the shelters when its bad, more often than not they are found grazing and seem oblivious to the weather that to me seems so cruel for them.

They are very quick to get used to the new routine when the clocks and the seasons change. They wait by the gate in the mornings, then head over to the feed troughs with me for their breakfast before wondering over to the field they spend their days in where they happily graze together. Just before sunset they are back waiting at the gate ready for tea and the hayracks to be filled. They are all looking well and following scanning we know lambs are on the way starting the end of February. So exciting times ahead for us as we all stay home to stay safe during the third lockdown, not the start we all hoped for for 2021 but we must stay positive and look forward to the good times ahead.

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