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Tupping time!

Three months after lambing they are weaned and the girls are ready to meet Crusader the visiting ram. As we all know VBN'S can breed all year round. Now firstly I must state that it is not my intention to breed from these sheep more than once a year, They are very precious and for that reason I do wish to bring lambing forward in the year for a few reasons, Lambing in August/September means the ewes are heavily pregnant in the peek of summer, having been there myself I know this is no joke, and I didn't have to wear a wooly jumper! Spring grass, this is what we need. The ewes will produce more and better quality milk, they will maintain their own bodyweight better and the lambs will have a summer time of goodness in the grass for their first year.

The showing bug!! The preparation, the show day, all of it is great fun but lambs born in September will find it very difficult to compete against a lamb born January/February the same year.

So December 1st 2019 Crusader went in...I will keep you posted but lets just say he got straight to work!

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